Funny Gor Gor

Baby Gor Gor, you are so funny. Usually when I asked you, where’s mummy? You will point at me and today, you decide to be funny. When we asked you, where’s mummy each time you keep pointing to yourself and so when I asked you for pocket money, you shake your hand.
Baby, you are so funny, you are 17 month today :)

Teaching baby

Mummy says:
When I was in the car waiting for your Daddy with you, I thought of teaching you more things like where’s your head, eyes and nose? You pick up once and will start pointing when I asked you to. Now you know where’s your ears? Baby, you like cars, after bus, you will point at cars and say cars. I am so encourage to teach you more when I see that you now know how to put the shapes for example circle, triangle, square into the correct sorter. You learn fast, well done, mummy is very proud of you.
I remembered when I was pregnant, my students asked me whether baby will learn all the accounting stuffs that I am teaching in my tummy and be an accountant when he grows up. Haha … I don’t know and when he was born, we saw him opening and closing his fingers one by one as if he was counting. We will leave to him to decide which path he wants to go.
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