Baby the walker

Mummy says:

Gor Gor is such an adorable and beautiful child. He likes to laugh and whenever there is music, he likes to nod his head and keep smiling at us. I can spend hours looking at him. I just wish I could spend the whole day with him. He is such a darling. The only thing about him is that he still like to cry whenever we bring him out to meet friends, he is not used to it. I hope he will outgrown his crying soon and have a good time with our friends and his many lovely baby friends. I am sure he will, we will give him time to adapt.
Tonight, he suddenly feels like he wants to walk, he keeps walking on his own. Previously, he will walk around with us holding onto one of his hand or he will just take one or two steps on his own. He happily goes walking from his grandmother’s side to our maid to and fro. He keeps doing it again and again and he is so excited. He makes me smile from my heart, I love you so much :)
He is 14 months now.

My poster boy

This picture was taken outside the Chinese Garden entrance, we went there to see the mid-autumn festival lights.