Daddy donating flu vaccine to NUH paediatric patients

Daddy is featured on Mediacorp Channel 5 9.30pm news donating flu vaccine to the paediatric patients in NUH.

Flu vaccination is important, especially for children as children are susceptible to flu virus. The flu infection can be quite serious and sometimes fatal in children who have other medical complications like kidney disease. It is recommended for children to go for annual flu vaccination.

Although flu vaccination itself will not protect you from all the flu viruses, it is designed to protect against the more severe strains of influenza which can cause more serious illness.


Happy 1 year old birthday

I am one today. My parents hold a cosy tea party and birthday celebration for me on the 18th November, four days earlier of my birthday on the 22nd. Thank you dear friends for celebrating my birthday and all your lovely and generous gifts to me :)
Mummy says :
At 12 month, Gor Gor is such an intelligent child. He understands what we are telling him. There are a number of incidents that amazed us. When we asked him to bring us his pillow, he will know how to do so. When we asked him where is light or fan? He will point to the object correctly and where is Puffy, our dog, he will look around and point at it when he sees it. When he is hungry, he will say “nei nei” which means milk. He has started to walk, normally with support by holding to one of our hands or him leaning onto something for support. He smiles when he sees us. When we say very good, he will clap his hands happily.
The down side is you like to cry excessively that can be quite intimidating, I hope you will be able to outgrow your crying soon.
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