Oh baby, we went to watch the movie “Cars”, we thought of you. We had a good laugh when we saw the signboard at the entrance of the cinema, it states children under 90cm get to go in for free. Err … you are now 75cm at 7 months and only a baby !!
The Cinemas should consider revising the height requirement as children nowadays grow much faster and taller. 

Amazing Discovery

Mummy says:
Amazing, today when baby lies on the mattress and he quickly crawl onto the corner of the bed, attempting to stand up by holding onto it for support. He succeeds, previously, he has been doing mini attempt to stand up. He will hold onto us when we sit on the floor and try to stand.
I wish I have the camera with me. His upper front teeth seems to be popping up soon.
Next, waiting for his first word, wonder what will that be? Or waiting for his first walk, hmm … mummy has to think of what to do for your first birthday in five months time :) So many of our close friends’ birthdays in November.
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