My funny face Part II

Hee hee … Mummy has to be fast enough to grab a camera and take my funny moments.

I am three months old. 

I am three months old

Daddy and Mummy are so happy that I have reached three months old as they learnt that for most babies once they reached this period, they are more or less settled. I have been crying and fussing throughout the day especially at night. I don’t sleep a lot and I like to be carried around. I find it hard to fall asleep and would keep rubbing my eyes, pulling my ears and waving my hands and kicking my legs up and down. I drool a lot nowadays and like to blow bubbles. Many times I amused and entertained myself by blowing bubbles.

I like the Mickey Mouse suit that I am wearing, it is a complete set and all the lovingly gifts from Mummy’s colleagues and her students also bought me toys, thank you, I really appreciate :)

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